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Anti-gay protesters rescued by police from crowds in SF’s Castro – Video link

Here is the video link.  Watch it.  You will be glad you did. 

Update: 10:20 PM

I just watched the news report.  Will post the video or a link to it when and if it becomes available.

Interestingly enough, the anti-gay folks who had to be rescued by the cops were a Christian group who show up in the Castro every weekend preaching on the street corners.  I have seen this group many times. While thier message is fairly obnoxious, the passing crowds have almost always just ignored them in the past.  

That has changed.  Tonight the crowds in the Castro turned on the group, demanding they “leave our neighborhood”.  TV news video showed the group surrounded by police moving away as growing crowd of Castro residents and visitors advanced with outstretched fingers chanting “Shame, shame, shame”.   

My original report here said: 

Apparently some anti-marriage demonstrators thought that they could come demonstrate in the Castro tonight.  Many cops headed that way per the scanner.  more to follow

Update: Police are trying to safely move the anti-marriage (yes on 8) protesters out of the crowds of gays.  Send more police.

8:10 PM, Police report that 12 Pro Prop 8 protesters had been moved out of the crowds and were departing the area by car.

8:20  Police have set up command center 

8:23  It appears to be over, now that the anti-gay folks have been removed.  The status report is “Looks like a normal Friday night crowd now.”  



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Paul In SF

Paul In SF