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Name The Bush Biographical Tome Contest!

President Bush recently spoke with CNN about his regrets (a little too much yeehaw language in the bring it on arena, and that those doggone folks on the USS Abraham Lincoln put up that "Mission Accomplished" banner), his triumphs (Americans sure are swell and polls are meaningless, so there).  And he’s headed back to Texas after January 20th. (Sorry Lone Star State.) 

Bush also announced he intends to write a book about his presidential experiences.

Oh, frabtacular reading joy. The insights, the delving into the Bush mind, the clearer moments of comprehension behind the deciderating.


I just know y’all have some insightful and pithy titles in mind. Because it would be irresponsible and unpatriotic not to offer the president some help on this, bless his heart.  Some of my first thoughts:

— Moments In Deciderating
— Pardon Me?
— A Lexiconary Of Bush-a-liciousness: Decider Style, Y’All!
— Dick And Me: A Love Story (with bonus constitutional and rule of law shredder gift with purchase!)
— The Sun Rug: A Presidential Book Of Affirmations For Dark Days, Bad Polls And Visits From Uncle Dick
— Life With Barney And Pickles
— Decideritiousness For Dummies: Because Presidentialating Is Hard Work!

Can’t wait to read your suggestions. As an added incentive, I will personally send an Aunt Sally’s New Orleans In A Box gift basket to the reader who comes up with the very best title. Seemed apropos, no? These are the best pralines you’ll ever taste, I swear. So get cracking on the snark! 

In the meantime, there are a number of hearings on the state of the economy (or lack thereof) today — in both the Senate (beginning at 10 am ET) and the House (also beginning at 10 am ET). As Duncan says, we are all banks now. C-Span has a packed schedule today, and we’ll have more on a whole host of issues as the day moves forward. What’s catching your eye in the news this morning?

(YouTube — excerpt of Bush interview on CNN.)

PS — Get your entries in before tomorrow — contest ends in 24 hours! Now snark away, dudes!

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Christy Hardin Smith

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