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Making links is as easy as pie

Making links is as easy as pie

peace pie

To put a link in your Oxdown diary:

first type the text you want to use for your link in the BODY box of your Oxdown diary workpage,

then go to the page you want to link to and copy the url for it,

then come back to your diary workpage and highlight the text you want to use for the link,

then click on the blue link button above the BODY box, and a pop-up window will appear, paste in the url you just copied. (Now there will be html:// highlighted in the box; but because it is highlighted, the html:// should disappear when you paste in your link, but check this before you click OK, you want only one html:// in your link.)

now click OK and the pop-up window will disappear and you will have a link in your diary workpage.

then when you are finished and have filled in the TITLESUMMARYBODY – and – TAGS boxes, click SAVE & PREVIEW, remember Oxdown is fussy about having all the boxes filled in before you click SAVE & PREVIEW.

in the preview that appears, check your link by clicking on it,
if it works, then click PUBLISH. voila!

Want a practice exercise?
Click WRITE A DIARY on the Oxdown page. Type Test in the TITLESUMMARY – and – TAGS boxes.
In the BODY box, type I am making a link, then copy this:

now highlight the text I am making a link in the BODY box, then click the blue link button above the BODY box, then paste the url you just copied into the pop-up window that appears, then click OK and the pop-up window will close. Now click SAVE & PREVIEW. Then click on the link to make sure you have pie. If you have pie, you can click DELETE POST, and YES you want to delete your test post. If you don’t have pie; try again, making sure there is only one http:// at the beginning of your link. If you are having trouble with double http:// ‘s, then delete the http:// from the box in the pop-up window, then paste your url in the blank box.

Peace Pie pic courtesy of NatalieMaynor

(For how to insert a picture in your post, click here.)

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