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Help Wanted: New LCR President

Requirements: ???

From Washington Blade comes this news:

Patrick Sammon, president of the national gay partisan group Log Cabin Republicans, has announced plans to leave the organization.

Sammon said in a statement released Thursday that he would step down at the end of January. Sammon, a former television news reporter, became president of Log Cabin in December 2006.

“After five years at this organization and more than two years heading Log Cabin, I am ready to tackle new challenges,” he said. “I’ll be doing documentary filmmaking, which is what I did before joining Log Cabin’s staff.”

Sammon joined the staff of Liberty Education Forum, the Log Cabin educational arm, in January 2004. He became interim head of Log Cabin in September 2006, following the departure of Patrick Guerriero.

And just how much influence did the LCR have on the GOP recently? Did they manage to increase gay support within their party?

Oh please.

Sammon’s departure comes following two national elections that battered Republicans, ousting many of the party’s more moderate members from Congress. The few new GOP members of Congress have not supported gay issues.

All 14 freshmen House Republicans ranked in this year’s Human Rights Campaign Congressional Scorecard received zero scores. Three freshmen Senate Republicans also received zero scores; freshmen Sen. Bob Corker of Tennessee scored 20 of 100.

Now that would seem pretty discouraging to me- but not to the LCR!

Sammon and Log Cabin National Board Chairman Peter Kingma said in the statement that Log Cabin is well positioned to influence the GOP’s future direction.

“Log Cabin has a huge opportunity to influence the Republican Party’s renewal in the months and years ahead,” Kingma said. “The GOP’s brand is severely damaged. Log Cabin will be an important part of the effort to revive out party with a unifying philosophy that brings people together around inclusive values instead of wedge-issue politics.”

Log Cabin’s board has begun a national search process to find Sammon’s successor.

Wow. Just… wow.

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