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Time to beat the womb control freaks at their own game.

  There is a new group of Womb Control Freaks called PersonhoodUSA  They want to go to states that have constitutions that can be amended easily.  Well, lets beat them at their own game. Time to amend some constitutions. The amendments should read something like this,

Any finacial supporter of any amendment or law that forces a woman to give birth that she would have aborted will be responsible for the costs and expenses incured for raising the child until the age of 18 or 21 if the child is attending college.

Something to that effect.  I know it will need to be written to make sure bankrupcy does not remove the finacial obligations.  It also need to include small donations from individual donors.  I am sure Planned parenthood would get behind an effort like this.

And it would work. People wouldn’t donate to fight it, or their name goes on the list of people who support Womb Control.

If Focus on the Anus donates to a pro-life group, there has to be away to make sure they can’t snake out of it.  Look out 2010.  lets put these amendments in place.

What do you think?

And a main selling point, it would relieve states from having to foot the bill for raising them.

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