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No Tax Money for Homophobes!

There is something Barack Obama could do right away.  He could restrict any future federal government grant funding to organizations that do not engage in discriminatory practices or campaign against equal rights. 

This should include — should especially include — “Faith Based” programs.  Promote the work of churches that are not homophobic.  In the past I have been opposed to so-called “Faith Based” funding, but I have reconsidered.  It would be a way to put forward the work of churches that are inclusive and preach acceptance (not “tolerance”).  It would be a way to punish the churches that do not.  No Tax Money for Homophobes.

There are black churches that teach equal rights and acceptance.  Help them grow.  Many churches that support oppression of LGBT also do good work in the communities, and they might give up preaching hate against gays if that hatred came with a cost.

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