I was thinking about the subtitle title of this post, Stand Behind Your Donations… and I started thinking about the various celebrities that make their living off the queer community.  So I started to look into who donated and who sat on their ass.  

The biggest disappointment for me is that none of the cast members of The L Word gave a penny to the fight against Prop 8.  Not a one.  Not the queer cast members, not the straight ones who have been happy to take their paychecks for playing gay straight to the bank.  I checked everyone who has ever been a series regular in the 5 seasons it has been on the air.  That is a really big fucking disapointment to me.  The only one who donated was Ilene Chaiken.  While her portrayals of bisexuals on her show often make me want to scream and bash my head in with a rake, at least she supported her friggin' community.  

 But moving on… 

The cast of Queer As Folk faired slightly better.  It looks like Scott Lowell (Ted) gave money, as did Peter Paige (Emmett).  But even the stars who played married characters on the show didn't think to pony up.  I understand that not every actor is rich and not every actor can afford it, even a small donation is important.  I don't care really about how much you give, just that you try.  

Of course Rosie O'Donnell didn't donate, for reasons that baffle the fuck out of me.   Other queer celebrities that you hope would pony up for the community (Lance Bass, Neil Patrick Harris, Angelina Jolie) were also MIA.  Gay-for-pay actors didn't donate either (Jake Gyllenhaal, Tom Hanks, Alyson Hannigan) although kudos to Eric McCormack of Will & Grace fame for his donation.  As a fan of Joss Whedon's feminist works that often have queer themes, I'm disapointed that he didn't donate either.  

And while I do blame these individuals somewhat (ok, a lot), I really blame the leaders of No on 8 for not really trying that hard to fundraise.  Did anyone ask the cast members of the L Word or call up Tom Hanks and say “hey you won an Oscar for Philidephia, could you toss us some change when we need it?”. Did anyone hound Rosie?  I feel like celebrities were such a California-specific resource of funding, PR, and good will that went under-tapped until the very end.  There were ads with Margaret Cho and Samuel L. Jackson, but not until after the Yes on 8 campaign had set the tone with their hateful and misleading ads.  

 If you have any other celebrities that you want to look up, I was using the follow the donors database from the LA Times.  I need to stop wallowing in the misery and go to bed. 





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