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PowerLine Advises Obama to Imitate Bush’s Careful Speaking Style

Via John Amato and Crooks & Liars, we learn one of the right’s most thoughtful pundits is offering helpful advice to President-Elect Obama on how to improve his obviously deficient speaking abilities:

The Importance of Being Careful

Obama thinks he is a good talker, but he is often undisciplined when he speaks. He needs to understand that as President, his words will be scrutinized and will have impact whether he intends it or not. In this regard, President Bush is an excellent model; Obama should take a lesson from his example. Bush never gets sloppy when he is speaking publicly.

He chooses his words with care and precision, which is why his style sometimes seems halting. In the eight years he has been President, it is remarkable how few gaffes or verbal blunders he has committed. If Obama doesn’t raise his standards, he will exceed Bush’s total before he is inaugurated.

What a gracious gesture. Knowing how thoughtless Obama usually is, this seems an excellent idea. So I thought I’d ask folks here to suggest familiar Bush expressions that Obama could memorize that would help him communicate with the American people.

Here’s my initial list of suggested practice phrases for Obama:

1. Bring it on!

2. Dead or alive.

3. Fool me once . . . uh, . . .

4. Is our children learning?

5. Axis of evil

6. We will defeat the evil doers.

7. I’m the decider!

8. It’s a good thing I was in charge when the crisis hit . . .

9. Possible names for WH staff: "Turdblossom," . . .

Update: Other suggestions (on how to get Obama down to 23 percent approval), from your comments:

10. “We’ll be a great country where the fabrics are made up of groups and loving centers.” Kathryn in MA, who also adds . . .

11. “It is clear our nation is reliant upon big foreign oil. More and more of our imports come from overseas.” and . . .

12. "Those of us who spent time in the agricultural sector and in the heartland, we understand how unfair the death penalty is.”

Bluebutterfly says, "use Teh Google" for "Bushisms"

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