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Obama: A Failed Presidency Before the Inauguration?

Hard to believe, but Barack Obama’s presidency could be a failure before he takes office. It seems he will throw some bones to the faithful who believe in the rule of law by closing Guantanamo, but the major thrust of his administration will be to throw hundreds of billions of dollars at the failed corporations that Bush has left off the list. It’s almost comical to watch as Bush, who has helped hollow out the U.S. Treasury with gifts to the failed/criminal financial corporations, denies Obama’s request to add the auto-making corporations to the welfare rolls.

It is almost comical to hear Obama call for Lieberman to remain in charge of the Senate’s Homeland Security Committee. That’s the Joe Lieberman who betrayed his party in the most vicious ways in an attempt to help the Republicans maintain control of the executive branch from which they have almost succeeded in destroying every American ideal as well as the economy.

But it’s not comical. It’s not fucking funny. I voted for Barack Obama. I’m sorry I did that. He’s just another criminal corporate thug. I’m sorry, Ralph. You were right. I should have voted for you.

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