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HRC is out of touch…SPA NIGHT?

  Box Turtle Bulletin has this up, HRC’s Self-Parody.

 Many have been saying, especially those who are the T of LGBT that HRC shouldn’t be trusted.  Now they have done great work when it comes to working with companies and businesses when it comes to the LGBT community. So I will give credit were credit is do. But when it comes to civil rights, they are out of touch.  I don’t think they have any idea who is the LGBT community any more.

We, the LGBT and our supporters are in the streets, and where is HRC?

It’s HRC Spa Night! I tell you, just between us girls, there is nothing more to think about after one loses a gay marriage equality fight with CA voters than hitting an expensive spa, getting rejuvenated for the next HRC dinner and making a contribution to this fabulous group.

 This is unreal.  Anyone who tells me that HRC is to be trusted, I am going to laugh and say, THERE IS ROOM UNDER THE BUS.  I have quit sending them money since September of 2007.  When are you going to stop?

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