Wishful thinking for wingnuts — in their desperation to remain relevant, they are trying to spin that Barack Obama must govern from the center-right…or else. Or else what? You all are irrelevant.

HARRIS: How will we — “we,” big “we” — make this work? I’m talking Republicans, Democrats, independents, Libertarians. Republicans — do Republicans want to work with a President-elect Obama?

BUCHANAN: Well, it all depends on which direction the country — Obama wants to take the country. If he is really going to govern from the center and recognizes that the nation is center to right, then we’re gonna work with him, just as we worked with Bill Clinton to get welfare reform.

But when Bill Clinton wanted to nationalize health care, we fought him tooth and nail. And we won, because the American people were on our side at the time. So, that’s what I think is going to be the formula for the next couple of years.

HARRIS: Hey, Bay, you mentioned center-right. You still believe the country is center-right? I’m looking at Indiana. I’m looking at how close things were in Missouri. I’m looking at Virginia. I’m look — do you still believe it’s center-right? Couldn’t it just be center, whatever that is, just center?

In the end, it’s likely that Obama will govern more to the center than to the left, and will piss a lot of progressives off. But to think he has to move to the right is preposterous. The right never questioned George Bush’s “mandate” with his  — by a hair — stolen elections.

If we’re going to interpret anything about this election, it is that the results were the repudiation of anything the Republicans and GWB touched and destroyed during their reign of terror.

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding