Representin’ .gov, yo


When we last left Erick the Red State he was flipping his shit over anonymous attacks against the woman who puts the spring in his step, the cream in his coffee, the bone in his boner: Sarah Palin.

Using the awesome power of teh internets, Erick vowed to hunt down the apostates and brand them with The Mark of the Leper, which we assume would be a backwards "L" lightly scratched upon one of their  cheeks, or something whack like that because all of the kids are doing it these days.

But now, President-elect Barack Tupac Shabazz X is showing disrespect by invading Erick’s internets ‘hood:

The Obama Thugocracy Doesn’t Play By American Rules of Law

We’ve noted for over a month that behind the Web 2.0 gradients and slick pastel veneer the coming Obama administration operates more like a third world thugocracy than an American Presidential administration.

The change.gov website is another example of that.

Federal law is pretty clear that the candidate’s campaign apparatus must be separate from the government and the government cannot be used as a de facto extension of the campaign.

Never mind American law, in the Obama administration they’ll damn well do as they please! Thugocrats have no respect for law.

As Ed Morissey notes, the change.gov website is linked to the "Office of the President-Elect," despite the fact that under the entire United States Code there is no such office, it’s just a title. Federal law stipulates that "eligibility is limited to qualified government organizations and programs." Nonetheless, the campaign apparatus is clearly involved down to collecting emails and pushing the campaign talking points — all using the taxpayer’s dime now, despite there being no lawful government organization or program known as the "Office of the President-Elect."

The Washington Post notes that the Obama thugocracy intends to bring its campaign email lists into the White House communications shop, again never mind federal law, and use the people on the list to bully, harass, and badger members of Congress who are unwilling to cooperate with the thugocracy.1


Naturally, in a thugocracy, the thugs have to get around the press first. Once they are around the press, they can diminish the press. Once the press is diminished, the first amendment is no longer an impediment.

But what do you guys care? You didn’t want to cover the thugocracy anyway.

E-mail lists? Domain names?  Blogger, please… Third World thugs got nothin’ on the Penn Avenue Crazee 202’s who would just as soon pop some html in your ass as look at you. Kind of makes you long for the days when the Obama campaign was satisfied with selling hope crack to the white suburban college kids. Now you can’t even walk the streets without worrying about a drive-by twittering.

Crazee shit, man….

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