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Notice Who's M.I.A.?

If I say Microsoft’s Annual Meeting of Shareholders, scheduled for November 19th, does that give you a clue?

How about AGN Financial Network.  No?

The answer, after the flip!KEN HUTCHERSON, Washington State’s favorite christianist homobigot and eyebrow model.  Recall, dear readers, that Pastor Ken had a scam plan to bring Microsoft to its homosexualist knees.  The plan went like this: his followers would buy Microsoft shares and give them (preferred) or the voting proxies (if you insist) to him.  He would then have the voting might to propose and pass homo-crushing proposals.  Only 100 million shares were required to have meaningful leverage and realize the glory of god in suburban Seattle!  Easily done by a homeless congregation meeting in a high school gymnasium, right?  Well….

Apparently the website he created for the related non-profit is as MIA as is Ken.  Much like the big talk of a permanent physical home for his church, Antioch Bible Thumpeteria.

But fear not, defenders of hate through god, because it looks as thought Pastor Ken is planning to show at the shareholders meeting anyway.  At least, Gay Curmudgeon reveals that Hutcherson has indeed filed a proposal.  Here is a snippet

The more people know of our support of philanthropic activity the better it is for our company. For example, if we should decide to give money to the American Cancer Society we might garner good will from the millions of people touched by cancer.

Similarly, should we decide to give money to Planned Parenthood, the nations largest abortion performing organization, we might be expected to win sympathetic praise from many who support the choice of abortion. Possible contributions to organizations like the Human Rights Campaign, the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation or other organizations that focus on the interest of people who choose to define themselves by their interest in homosexual sex, would likely engender positive feelings among potentially millions of people who enjoy engaging in sex with members of their own sex or simply those who support same sex marriage. If we gave money to the Boy Scouts of America we might expect the plaudits of potentially millions of their past members, even though they refuse to allow homosexuals to be scout leaders.

Contributions to the American Heart Association or a myriad number of other worthwhile cultural and educations charities could be a source of ongoing public approval. Proper disclosure of charitable contributions would cost us little and should only serve to enhance our corporate image. For these reason and others we urge your support for the above resolution.

See Gay Curmudgeon’s most excellent diary for further details and analysis.  And stay tuned.  Something tells me Ken will soon take a break from his sedate but meaningful public good works and re-emerge into the spotlight.  Ready the YouTubes and get that corn a poppin!

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