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Norm Coleman’s Neiman-Marcus Riot Act Falling Flat

Norm Coleman and Al FrankenDespite the assiduous efforts of certain members of the local right-wing blogging confederacy and shadowy groups like "The Minnesota Majority", Norm Coleman’s attempt at his own version of 2000’s "Brooks Brothers Riot" is falling flat, even with many conservatives. First we had the Fairmont Sentinel telling Norm to siddown and shaddup; now we have the New Ulm Journal, another conservative Minnesota paper, saying much the same thing: "The recount is the right way to settle this. It may be December before the recount is complete and we know who the winner will be, but that’s OK. Let the voters decide who wins, not the spinmeisters."

Coleman’s legal Hail Mary passes have centered around thirty-two absentee ballots found in heavily-Democratic Minneapolis; his lawyers have tried to raise questions about these ballots, making all sorts of baseless insinuations, but their first attempt to use these ballots as a pretext for stopping the recount was shot down by Ramsey County judge Kathleen Gearin on jurisdictional grounds. By the way: While Minnesota allows same-day registration and voting, they as yet still put restrictions on absentee voting.

Final county vote tallies were submitted to the Secretary of State, Mark Ritchie, on Sunday, after the completion of a recanvass of the tallies for error-checking; as of tonight, Coleman’s lead over Franken stood at 206 votes; the cutoff for submissions is 12:01 AM tomorrow morning. Ritchie’s office will analyze the tallies, then submit the findings to the state canvassing board on November 18. The full hand recount will start after that.  

Nate Silver at, as of tonight, states that he believes that Franken is a "slight favorite to win the recount" when it happens — as I predicted he would earlier today.  

Meanwhile, Republican Party of Minnesota Chair Ron Carey made an ass of himself by declaring "victory" for Coleman, as if merely doing so could cause the legally-mandated recanvass and recount to be stopped. Sorry, that’s not the way it works, Ron.

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