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Yes. We. Did. Now we must…

Yup, we did it. We officially terminated the republican preznit and his minions and the rubber-stamp congress as well with a somewhat more convincing majority. So, can I get a big w00t? Thanks.

Obama, as has been noted in numerous previous posts here and other places like The Great Orange Satan is going to be a far more centrist president than a lefty-progressive president, in fact I’d go so far to say that today I’d classify him as "centrist-progressive". Not a horrid thing given the propensity of the democrats to form circular firing squads over trivial issues, while the republicans eat our lunch over issues involving manufactured outrage and silly shit that becomes insta-talking points on the Yakkity Pundit Shows. The avoidance of self-immolation by the democrats should be a key issue in any Obama adminstration. The republicans are really good at party and message discipline, and todays Democrats might find it worthwhile following their example, i.e. not abandoning the 50-state strategy now that they have changed the electoral map for now. It’s worth keeping Will Rogers quote in mind that he was a Democrat and did not belong to any organized political party.

Let’s review, here are the things that I’d like to see President Obama do (in random order):

  • Appoint moderate, progressive jurists to the Supreme Court and lower Federal Courts who have good resumes and track records making apolitical decisions from the bench
  • Overturn the "Torture Memos" and repudiate the Bush Torture Doctrine by complying with court decisions that have ruled against the Bush Justice and Defense departments
  • Publicly disavow the use of signing statements to work around the will of Congress
  • Start house-cleaning at the Department of Justice to get rid of the political appointees from the eight years of Bush who will be working to sabotage everything from November 5th, 2008 onwards
  • Close GITMO
  • Get out of Iraq
  • Begin to work on repairing international relations with trading partners, allies and the rest of the world who at least admired our Democracy for keeping its word
  • Implement a rational counter-terror policy
  • Hold at least two press availabilities a month to keep a dialog open with the American People, his employers

Please feel free to add some more in comments, it’ll be interesting to see what the FDL-verse comes up with. Who knows, the Obamanz might even check in here and see one of your suggestions and run with it. We are after all, the left-wing, socialist DFH Borg. Resistance is futile, we will improve your lives, whether you want it or not.

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Jo Fish

Jo Fish

Jo started blogging when the right-wingers started making utter, complete asses of themselves, which would be since around 2002 or so in their current incarnation as mind-sucking zombies.

A life-long Democrat and career DFH whose parents voted for all the Kennedys at one time or another, he still has an "RFK for President" banner in his garage from 1968.

Jo still flies airplanes for a major airline, and is proud of his safety record: his take-offs and landings are still equal in number. The cost of fuel may soon end that career, in which case he's planning to become a pan-handler or investment banker, whichever is more prestigious.