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Associated Press Caught ‘Borrowing’ Tim Robbins Voting Video.

I was retrieving a video clip of Tim Robbins to post on Firedoglake and happened upon something really funny.

AP stealing footage and putting it on its website.

Here’s Tim Robbins during his marathon day trying to vote. Ooops, video no longer available. Wonder why? It was uploaded by AP, on their official AP site!!!….

But it appears on the ‘search page’–see that little ‘TMZ’ in the upper right-hand corner?

Oh my, seems they swooped it from, a gossip site. AP, who recently made new constrictive rules for use of its property, and is now charging for any use of its property, felt it was just fine to ‘borrow’ video from someone else.
Here’s the clip.

Makes it more funny that it was about Tim Robbins, wonder if he knows?

Shame Shame AP. Hope TMZ charged you for it.

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