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Could we get Prop 8 back for a revote??

I heard on the news that a guy sent out a text that said due to expected high voter turn out, they have added an extra day of voting, so R’s vote on the 4th and D’s can vote on the 5th. He was just trying to be funny and sent it to his friends. Well his friends sent it out and long story short, it was sent to tons of people. So, one of the recipients of the text got the FBI involved. So now if the FBI can find 1 person that did not get to vote due to his text he will face criminal charges. So we all have heard of the robo calls with an Obama impersonator telling people if you are for gay marriage vote yes on prop 8. So if we could find 1 person that voted the wrong way due to the misrepresentation, would we have a case to demand a revote??  

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