The Fire In Which You Burn

28jews_jaws.jpgNearly four out of five Jewish voters went for Barack Obama. As Gershom Gorenberg notes, spamming your zayde to say that the schvartze is really a Muslim didn’t work. All that vile shit about how electing Obama paves the way for a "second Holocaust" didn’t work. Right?

I suppose that’s one interpretation. But here’s another: I cast my vote for Obama, but what I was really voting for was another was another Terezin ghetto. I’m probably one of the few who sows a yellow Star of David onto all of his clothes anyway, but now my fashion choices can be my fellow tribesmen’s. My next tattoo? You guessed it. There’s nothing we Jews love better than Holocausts. With any luck, we’ll make them a near-annual event like Wrestlemanias. You say we can’t, but I say: Yes We Can.

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Spencer Ackerman

Spencer Ackerman