Well a majority of my enemies, 70% in California and a vast majority in Florida.

 Both my parents fought for civil rights for people of color in the 60s.  They couldn’t believe that in my teens I was a member of the KKK in Florida.  As a white kid trying to fit in someplace, I was easily taken into this group.  After I exited that hateful group, I did a lot of research regarding the civil right movement.  

 Many in the LGBT community thought that of all people, blacks would be more understanding of our fight for civil rights than most other groups of people.  Damn are we wrong. The oppressed have become the oppressor.  The tool use for their oppression has become the tool they use for oppressing the LGBT community.

 Continued after the Jump,  Not only did many of black people lose their lives during the civil rights movement, but so did many white people.  Many white people lost their jobs and livelihood in the south for supporting civil rights for black people.

 Reading back in history, and looking back on my time as part of the KKK, one of the greatest fears was if black people were given equal rights, would they try to use that power to oppress the white people.  In many parts of the United States that fear is still alive and well as white supremacists still exist.  

 Back in the 80s there was the fear that many black people would want to get even, payback for what was done in the past.  Also back in the 80s the Bible was used for the justification of what we were doing.  

 The burning of the cross by the KKK was their way of showing they were justified by GOD in doing what they were doing.  It was also used as a form of terrorism.

 I am disgusted with the results of proposition 8, amendment 2 and 102.  I am shocked by the percentage of black people voting yes.  I am highly pissed off by a black preacher on TV say we should “SUCK IT UP!”  Now I know that all blacks are like this preacher, but 70% voted yes on prop 8, and an over whelming amount on amendment 2 in Florida (I couldn’t find the statics) And what did they base their vote on, The Bible, the same tool that was used to keep all black people oppressed back in the day.  When the United States changed the Constitution to add black people as equal the Bible’s language stayed the same.  It is the same Bible that they use to oppress us LGBT people.  It is the same Bible that we used when we had our celebrations, Lighting the Crosses in the middle of the field.

 These 70% need to be reminded that what they are doing when the voted yes on 8 is the same the KKK did to them.  It needs to be explained to them so they understand that it was Gods will that they were set free.  Using the same religious belief that they have decided to use to vote yes on 8.

 I would love to walk up to the guy that said.”SUCK IT UP”, smile, and tell them the rights you have were just voted on and they voted to take them away.

 Have a group of 12 of us, 6 black and 6 white, all wearing white pointy hats and a white robe with black boots.  Each of us holding a King James Bible in our hands.  And knock on this preacher’s door. All hooded up standing in this

                              formation.  Let him meet the Gay KKK. And tell him,

OO     OO  <- Formation        “We Voted to take your rights away.” and “we are

O     O                       here to take you back to the plantation.” Than the

O     O                       front four remove our hats.  Introduce ourselves

O     O                       and we want to take away your rights just like you

 O + O <- Two people carry    took away our rights.  Explain that this is what

           the cross          you did to me, and my parents were part of the movement that set you free. You were given civil rights by my family and now you just voted to take ours away.

And now just on CNN they have stated that the black yes on 8 voters say they voted yes because of religion.  Well my religion says it is time to remove your freedoms.  

 Well I am not happy, and at the same time I am not painting with a broad brush.

But I wold like to take that 70% of black people, and remove their civil rights. Maybe that way they might have a change of heart.

 Again, this is not directed at all black people, just the ones who use religion to eliminate our rights.




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