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GOP Post-Mortem Reveals Split on DADT

Jeffery Hart, one of the founding voices of the conservative bible known as the National Review, has take the occasion of this week's election to pen a scathing incitement of the Republican Party. Hart rips the rose colored glasses off the face of conservatism while upbraiding Republicans for allowing their party to become, in his words, “more a sect than a party, corralled in a few Southern states.”


Bemoaning the fundamentalist rot which has stricken the Party of Lincoln, Hart asks:


“Does any reasonable person not believe that gays and lesbians deserve respect and equality? Not today’s Republican Party. Expert translators from Arabic have been dismissed for being gay. And applicants for the post of certified public accountants in the Iraq Green Zone have been asked about their view of Roe v. Wade.”


The answer is certainly, no. No serious party with intentions of winning elections and governing this nation believes in these things.

However, it remains to be seen whether the Dixiecrat wing of the Republican Party is ready to give up on their crusade of forging a new Christian nation.

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Victor Maldonado

Victor Maldonado