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CBS Vs. Rather: The Fix Was In


In case you have any remaining doubts about whether Rathergate was innocent incompetence or deliberate sabotage, consider this list of names that CBS considered for their two-person post-scandal inquiry panel (ultimately chaired by Bush I AG Dick Thornburgh):

William Buckley
Robert Novak
Kate O’Beirne
Nicholas Von Hoffman
Tucker Carlson
Pat Buchanan
George Will
Lou Dobbs
Matt Drudge
Robert Barkley
Robert Kagan
Fred Barnes
William Kristol
John Podhoretz

David Brooks
William Safire
Bernard Goldberg
Ann Coulter
Andrew Sullivan
Christopher Hitchens
PJ O’Rourke
Christopher Caldwell
Elliot Abrams
Charles Krauthammer
William Bennett
Rush Limbaugh

At the very bottom of the list, someone wrote in one more name. "Roger Ailes."

CBS’s explanation? That they needed to protect themselves from charges of liberal bias. Good one.

As I have said before: The news media are not simply trying to boost ratings – they are deliberately defending and advancing the interests of the GOP, because that’s where their financial interests lie. The Rather case fascinates me because it’s such a great case study of just how far a media corporation will go to help out Republicans. I can’t wait to hear more.

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