What dog will hunt in a Barack Obama administration?

Don’t you have dogs in Calcutta?

It was reported today by a reporter that he was bitten by the White House dog, Barney, a Scottish terrior.

Reuters television White House correspondent Jon Decker reports that President Bush’s dog Barney, going on a walk this morning on the North Lawn, let his reaction to the news show.

He "bit my right index finger this morning — as I reached down to pet him," Decker said. The bite broke skin and the wound was bleeding enough to prompt White House physician Dr. Richard Tubb to treat Decker with antibiotics. He will also be getting a tetanus shot.

We all remember the famous FDR canine, of the same breed, Fala. Lyndon Johnson made his beagle, "Him," famous when he lifted Him by the ears in front the press and basically the world. It caused a bruhaha among dog fanciers. Some 42,000 or so of same participated in an AKC poll last August to help select Barack Obama a breed of dog to take with him to the White House, in the event he was elected.

In August, more than 42,000 Americans cast their vote in the AKC®’s poll to determine the right breed of dog for the Obamas at The Poodle was chosen from a list of five hypoallergenic breeds, each with distinct characteristics that made them uniquely suited for Obama’s daughter who suffers from allergies.

Near the end of his televised acceptance speech last Tuesday evening in Chicago, a president-elect Barack Obama, allowed that, indeed, there would be a new dog in the White House next year in fulfillment of a campaign promise to his daughters,

… I love you both more than you can imagine. And you have earned the new puppy that’s coming with us…

I’ve not seen anything yet about a new White House dog among all the myriad announcements pouring out today regarding cabinet and White House appointments. I’ll assume that the decision hasn’t yet been taken and recommend a Schnauzer (Miniature or Giant). This breed doesn’t shed so I presume it’s hypoallergenic as well. Great personalities. The poodle breed is extremely intelligent one. Either would be great.

It would be a great gesture and set an example for others, of course, if the Obamas agreed to accept a dog that has been put up for adoption.

And now, here is the news for wombats…

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