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Stupid American Electorate Still Wrong

The American people elected Obama, a wonderful and right thing.
But they did it for the wrong reason.
They did it because Bush’s failed and existing policies threatened their own personal economic security. You could say Bush violated their Reagan-inspired sense of selfishness, entitlement and greed…..not because Bush’s policies drove millions into poverty, indebted and bankrupted their country, while enriching the elite few.

The American people oppose the war in Iraq now, 80%-20%; a wonderful and right thing.
But they oppose it for the wrong reason.
They oppose it because they think America is losing or at least cannot win.
They don’t oppose it because they were lied to, it was illegal and hundreds of thousands of innocent people were killed, maimed, kidnapped, orphaned, tortured, widowed…with Made in USA stamped all over it.

As far as I’m concerned the American people still have a lot to answer for. They are still the people who elected Bush twice and Republicans for the last 40 years despite all the in-your-face criminality they, Nixon, Reagan, Bush Sr and Junior engaged in…..for which they were immortalized with honor instead or prosecuted, impeached, dis-elected and punished.

And while the progressive liberals won election, Christian-based draconian measures about abortion gay rights etc. were adopted all over the country in the states.

I gotta say I don’t think Americans are very intelligent, moral, fair-minded, compassionate or democratic. They are a rather pathetic excuse for human beings and democracy.

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