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Obama Takes North Carolina

The call in North Carolina has finally been made. Barack Obama has been declared the winner of the traditionally Republican state’s 15 electoral votes — bringing his total to 364.

That survey found there are not enough remaining ballots for Republican candidate John McCain to close a 13,693 vote deficit.

North Carolina’s 15 electoral votes brings Obama’s total to 364 nearly 100 more than necessary to win the White House. Missouri is the only state that remains too close to call.

Obama’s win in North Carolina was the first for a Democratic presidential candidate since Jimmy Carter won the state in 1976.

NBC is calling NC for Obama as well:

NEW YORK – President-elect Obama is the apparent winner in North Carolina, a symbolic triumph in a state that hadn’t voted for a Democrat in more than a generation.

Until today the ballot count in North Carolina was still too close for a call. An "apparent winner" call by NBC News means enough votes have now been tallied to indicate that a candidate has won the race, but the results may well depend upon a potential recount or final official tallies.

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Obama Takes North Carolina