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Mighty Mouth Grover Norquist Tells the GOP: Here I Come…To Save The Day

Grover Norquist, our favorite bathtub drowner-in-chief, held one of his famous Wednesday morning meetings with the faithful, many of whom are still disinfecting their wounds and trying to figure out ‘how come we lost?” Norquist seems to think that the 52% of the American People who voted to show the door to Bush/Cheney and Norquist’s philosophies are a bunch of ignorant booby-heads.

He also sees Bill Clinton as being smarter than Barak Obama – and that the country is not ‘ready’ for an Obama-led Administration. Norquist also seems to have forgotten that Bush, Cheney, their buddy Henry Paulsen et al. recently handed the American People a huge tax bill that Obama has no control over, so excoriating him already for anticipated raises in taxes is rather stupid.

It’s going to be extremely difficult to wring blood out of a stone for new programs when the current administration not only has sucked it dry NOW, it’s sucked a whole lot of the future out of it, too. Sorry, Grover – every time one of you guys raises the flag on “Obama tax increases”, out answer is “to pay for the mess that YOU guys left behind.”

“…About 150 individuals were in attendance, he[Norquist] said, in addition to GOP officials calling in from 40 states. And while Norquist acknowledged that Republicans were licking their wounds a bit, he already had charted the avenues for a resurrection, much of it premised on an anticipated Democratic overreach….the pent up demand to do stuff is going to come out like a machine gun," said Norquist. "The other issue we are going to be for is stopping Obama’s tax increases, massive spending program, his takeover of health care… He will create the agenda for the modern right by creating a list of programs that oddly didn’t end up in his advertisements."

Rev. Norquist Tells It All For You

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