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Joe the Quisling

Today Joe Lieberman met with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, and word is, Lieberman was told: no chairmanships for you.

Lieberman is now trying to play a public game of you can’t touch me, you need me, you really really need me.

Except we don’t.

America has spoken loudly and clearly in this election, and all the Republican obstructionism in the world won’t change that fact for the next four years.

Could he be the magic 60th? Well, yeah, but that doesn’t mean he’s needed.

Because right now what’s really needed is to send a message that the same ol’ same ol’ doesn’t work any more and the Democratic Senate will not be a pushover.

Lieberman crossed the line time after time when he went beyond supporting McCain and actively, even giddily, collaborated in the assault on Barack Obama with tactics of fear and smear and lies.

Now the man who bore those lies, who collaborated in their spreading, who smirked and grinned his way through scurrilous betrayal of his own pledges of conduct, that man must be called to account. Because a line was irretrievably crossed by Lieberman in this election.

And he must know that cannot stand. And those who would contemplate doing likewise must know that cannot stand. As betrayers down through history and fiction have known. Brutus, Judas, Benedict Arnold, Tessio…Quisling.

This cannot stand.

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