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Can We Please Have A Pro-Choice Secretary of State?

There are rumors that Richard Lugar and Chuck Hagel are seriously being considered for the Secretary of State gig, and Sam Stein reports that Lugar has the inside track (although Lugar has said he’s not interested).

One of the biggest challenges the new Secretary of State will face is dealing with whatever replaces the Kyoto agreement.  Hagel has a 9% 2008 rating from the League of Conservation Voters.  Lugar scores 18%.  (PDF) Are they really the best people for the job?

Further, the Bush Administration has been murderous in its policies regarding women’s health, choice and reproductive rights around the world.  Lugar and Hagel are both rabidly anti-choice.  

Women turned out big in this election — unmarried women in particular voted 70-29 for Obama.  I don’t imagine Dick Lugar, Chuck Hagel and Larry Summers were exactly what they had in mind when they turned up at the voting booth.

Susan Rice and John Kerry are also in the mix, and the decision has evidently not yet been made.  If we really are intent on cleaning up our image around the world, please let’s send someone who represents our best and brightest in such a critical post.  Let’s not have some Republican relic who sends the wrong message about women’s rights.

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Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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