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Because mean kids suck, Lurleen

[Lurleen posted a diary asking for some love from the straight allies in the coffeehouse, asking “Why are you an ally?”  I started to post this in the comments, but then decided to front-page it. — “R”R]

Why am I a straight ally of LGBT Americans?  Because mean kids suck.

When I was a kid, I had three strikes going against me:

I was a nerdy smart kid who was the new kid in school in a new town every year of grade school.  I was promoted ahead a grade so…

I was a year younger than the other kids, thus shorter and weaker, and…

I was somewhat fat and un-athletic (was?).

So early on I got picked on and could only hang out with the other “loser” kids.

Eventually, though, I found ways to adapt and fit in with most kids.  But my “loser” friends continued to be picked on.  I valued my new place in the social structure, so I spurned my “loser” friends in order to be cool.

Later, I learned the cool kids were actually just sad, mean kids who really sucked.  To my surprise, the “loser” friends I had ignored were still friends and still willing to have me back.

That’s why I am an LGBT ally (and whatever other letters you want to tack onto the end).  I’ve come to inherently distrust any set of kids that want to describe others as “losers” and pick on them, whether that’s in a schoolyard or at a ballot box.  These are my friends you’re picking on, you mean bastards, and no matter how little you think of yourself, no matter how much bullying those different than yourself makes you feel, I’m not going to just sit here and let you get away with it.

And besides, my gay, lesbian, and transgender friends are pretty damn cool!

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