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Solar Installation Day One

After what seemed to be forever our Solar project has finally entered into the installation phase. The team showed up at around 8:45 AM this morning anxious to get started. After introducing themselves, Jeff, Alex and Frankie got right to work preparing the roof for the installation. First they made sure the roof was clean and then laid out where all the penetrators would be located. They made sure that all the penetrators would be attached to the support beams of the roof. Our house being an Eichler design it has exposed beams inside and they had to make sure all the lag bolts went into the beams squarely and did not come out into the living areas. Once the penetrators were bolted down they then proceeded to construct the poles and racks that the solar panels would be mounted on. This took all day, even with the help of a second team as there are two roofs where the solar panels will be mounted. By Dusk they had all of the lower racks assembled and in place and on the second story they had one of them completed. Thus ended day one and all in all they guys were efficient, friendly and kind of fun to have here working. Tomorrow they will finish the second rack on the second story roof and move on to installing the inverters and conduit.Well Pups this sums up day one. Be sure and check back as I will be updating the progress of the installation until we are our very own Solar Generating station. Here is a link

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