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Senate Race Update: Four Seats Still Up In The Air


Four seats in the Senate have yet to be determined. As of this morning, Alaska Sen.Ted Stevens was just one percentage point ahead of Democrat Mark Begich and Oregon Senator Gordon Smith had a two point lead on Democrat Jeff Merkley.

In Minnesota Sen. Norm Coleman was 570 votes ahead of Democrat Al Franken. This tight margin falls within Minnesota’s recount law, and a recount is now scheduled to take place from mid-November through early December.

Georgia Senator Saxby Chambliss had a four point lead over democrat Jim Martin. Although Georgia’s incumbent leads by four points, state law dictates that in order to win the seat, a candidate must attain over 50 percent of the vote. If this does not happen, an automatic runoff will be held between the top two contenders in early December.

The AP has called the race for Coleman but there will be a recount. According to CNN, Oregon has only heard from 76% of precincts.

Pach reports that Alaska is still countin’ their absentee ballots up there in that area.

I really, really want Saxby to go down. I’ll take a runoff.

UPDATE:  Nate Silver is reporting Chambliss is under 50% with late ballots and there will be a runoff.   (Pach)

 UPDATE: 10.50am FDL – Howie says Merkley might pull it off (egr):

The really good news is that it looks like Merkley will pull this off. The uncounted votes (180,000 of them) are in Multnomah County and that is PURE Merkley country. He leads there 66-29%

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