There are still 50,000 votes left uncounted:

…the Division (of Elections) is doing things differently this year when it comes to counting absentee ballots.

Normally, some fraction of absentee ballots would be included in the election night numbers…

the roughly 40,000 absentee ballots cast so far won’t be included in the official count until later.

That’s to double check the ballots and make sure no one is double-dipping.

About 23,000 people have voted early, according to the Division. Of those ballots, about 14,000 will appear in tonight’s numbers. (Generally, if you’re an early voter who cast a ballot before Thursday, you’re vote will likely be included tonight.)

Add thousands of questioned ballots to the uncertainty, and any close races will be very much in the air tonight.

As of right now, Ted is only ahead by 3,352 and Don Young is ahead by about 14,000.  

Considering how hard the Obama and Begich Campaigns were working to promote early voting, not even 14,000 is enough of a lead to declare victory before 50,000 votes are counted.



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