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Waiting in Line to Vote? Have a Picnic

Reports of long lines coming in from all over the place. Some radio stations here in the Big Apple had a good suggestion–bring a lawn chair. A lady who had voted in Greenwich Village came out to see a huge long line and decided to go buy snacks so that she might encourage the voters to stay on the line until they managed to vote.

Another lady called in and said that when she got on line at 5 AM (An hour before the polls opened) that people had lawn chairs, coffee and donuts and it was like a pre-dawn breakfast party.

Made me think of tailgate picnics. So, here’s a thought for those of you who have not voted. Why don’t you bring a folding chair or two, some snacks –especially things that are good for sharing–maybe a radio and turn that long wait into a neighborhood party?

No electioneering, of course, but the people in your precinct are your closest neighbors. This is a good time to get to know them and have an impromptu block party. Talk about the kids, football, what kind of tulip bulbs you are planting this year, or swap recipes. And enjoy this beautiful day.

Maybe today’s record turnout is the beginning of a cultural shift in our attitude toward voting. Instead of a duty, a responsibility, a chore–voting can become a celebration. I can tell you when I went to vote today I was struck by how outrageously happy everybody seemed.

Enjoy this day.

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