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The Lay Of The Land

The vote plugs along all across the nation. My wife and I have cancelled out John and Cindy McCain’s votes, so we got that going for us. Take that Grumpy John.

I have talked to Marcy a couple of times and things are good where she was stationed. One of the calls was literally because she was bored, so there are certainly no shenanigans afoot. Turnout heavy there too, and she reports noticeably elevated levels of youth turnout.

That is what I am hearing from friends around the greater Phoenix valley as well. High turnout; elevated youth and minority turnout. You gotta love it. Win, lose or draw, seeing participatory democracy in action is awe inspiring. I honestly, I swear, can see in the eyes of every bit of the public i have encountered today an expression and look of hope and excitement. A look that has been largely absent since 9/11.

And that is what it, and today, is all about. The President, and whatever man holds that job, really has limited powers in many regards. Can sure screw things up royally, we have seen that power, but as far as the affirmative power to transform our society, that physical capability is fairly limited. But, put the right guy, at the right time, in the job; a guy that has the power to lead, to inspire, to motivate – well then you have something special. We, hopefully, are on the cusp of just that.

Barack Obama, irrespective of the policy specifics that we may each agree or disagree with, is a leader. He is a motivator. He brings hope. And there lies the real power; the power to get people moving and believing again. And that is what we need. The Republicans are right, America is exceptional when it is motivated and joined in the battle at hand. George Bush and the Republicans have sapped so much of that out of us at this point that we are in dire straits.

Today that changes. Today the switch is flipped. Get fired up! Get ready to go! Let’s rock and roll folks!

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