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Text Messages With Fake Voting Information are a Federal Crime: Report Them!

Goddamnit! We have been having this glorious transformative day full of happy people behaving well and joyously casting votes in record numbers like some sort of miracle (or old hollyood movie) and then evil has to happen.

Lisa made me aware of a series of text messages that have been going out falsely telling voters that "because of long lines they should vote on Wednesday". Which is a TOTAL AND COMPLETE LIE and meant to DEFRAUD voters out of their precious vote.

This is wire fraud, people. It’s a big fat federal crime and each message is a seperate count. If you get one DO NOT ERASE IT. And report it to your local US Attorney’s Office and back here to us.You can read the text of the statute. The thing you are defrauded out of can be intangible, like your precious, valuable right to vote.

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