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Presidential Results Thread – Part One

Electoral Count

Obama: 174

McCain: 64

9:24 Ohio? Did someone mention Ohio?? MSNBC calling it for Obama; CNN not yet. Oops, here it comes.

9:23 West Virginia goes to McCain, per CNN.

9:14 McCain keeps Georgia

Florida: 48% Mc, 52% Obama, with 27% in

9:06 comment of the night: From Mr. Morals: "Some Bradley effect!"

McCain wins Arkansas.

9:03: Charlie can’t make the party. A snub?
FL Gov. Charlie Crist, "who had plans to attend" the John McCain camp gathering in St. Petersburg this p.m., "won’t attend after all." Pinellas Co. GOP Chair Tony DiMatteo "said Crist was called back to Tallahassee over ‘legal issues’ of some sort" (March, Tampa Tribune).

9:00 Obama wins Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota; McCain wins Dick’s Wyoming.

8:58: Alabama goes South

Overheard in the corridors: "I’m probably breaking a rule here, but why the heck does MSNBC have nothing but Republican felons on as commentators? Ken Blackwell, Tom DeLay…"

8:50 update: Call the Supremes!!!

FOX’s Carl Cameron reports McCain’s camp has "filed a formal objection" to the nets calling PA for Obama. Shepard Smith: "Does this mean we are pulling the projection for Sen. Obama? We are not."

8:39: Pennsylvania goes to Obama.

Florida: 48% Mc, 52% O
N. Carolina: 46% Mc, 54% O

8:33 update: Big prize is Pennsylvania. We’re hearing there may be earth shaking news there soon. Stand by.

8:30 update: Obama wins New Hampshire!!

And this is rich: via Swampland, McCain Rovian loser Steve Schmidt blames everything and everyone but himself and his candidate.

8:23 update: Popular vote:

8:20 update:
Florida 47% to 53% Obama, with 15% in
N. Carolina 41% Mc, 58% O, with 5% in
Va. 56% Mc, 43% O
New Hamshire: 39% Mc, 60% O

8:13 updates:
Ohio: 31% Mc, 68% Obama!! Very early numbers.
W. Va. 43% Mc, to 57% O, also very early, less than 1% reporting.
N. Carolina: 40% Mc, 59% Obama. 4% reporting.

8:10 update: CNN’s John King shows McCain underperforming in Florida, compared to Bush in 2004. "My kingdom for a hanging chad!!"

8:06 update:
Florida: 45% Mc, 54% O
Virginia: 57% Mc, to 43 % O
North Carolina: 39% Mc, 61 % O
Indiana: 51% Mc, 48% O

8:02 Results: CNN projects Obama wins Massachusetts, Illiinois, Connecticut, New Jersey, Maine, Delaware, Maryland, Dist of Columbia.

McCain wins Oklahoma and Tennesse. All expected results.

8:00 New polls closing Standby, but CNN’s John King reporting that Obama doing much better than Kerry in 2004.

7:46. South Carolina goes to McCain, as expected.

7:40 Still very early returns, 1-4% only Caution urged.
North Carolina: 49% Mc, 50% O
Florida: 45% Mc, 55% O.
Indiana: 51% Mc, 48% O
Virginia: 57% Mc, 42% O
Georgia: 70% Mc, 29%O

7:31: Indiana: 52% McCain, 47% Obama.

7:30: North Carolina polls now closing.

7:18: via CNN: Virginia: 55% McCain, 44% Obama, with 1% reporting.

Florida 54% McCain, 46% Obama, with less than 1% in.

Note: Scarecrow here; taking over for Ian for next bit.

With any luck, the Presidential results should be very boring and the only questions how much the blowout and how much. To win McCain pretty much has to take at least one of Virginia and Florida. Conversely, if Obama takes either Virginia and Florida, plus PA, McCain’s pretty much sunk.

(7:14) Virginia 1 % reporting, 55% McCain, 44% Obama (CNN) [and CNN just beamed up Jessica Yellin. Move over Capt. Kirk.]

(7:08) Indiana, 4% Reporting, 50%  McCain, 49 % Obama (CNN)

(7:05) Norah O’Donnel just reported that a senior republican conceded the NC senate race. Even more music for our ears: he said AA turnout constituted an Obama Tsunami.

Even more music for your ears: he said AA turnout constituted an Obama Tsunami.

(7:02) NBC projecting McCain Kentucky and Vermont for Obama – seems a bit early to me, but we’ll see.

(6:51) Kentucky at 50% McCain, 49% Obama, 2% reporting. (ABC)

(6:41) Tightening in Indiana, 51% Obama, 48% McCain (CNN)

(6:31 EST): Very first results are coming in. So few precincts reporting it’s essentially meaningless, but at this point KY is 62% McCain, 36% Obama (ABC)

CNN has Indiana at 55% Obama, 44% McCain, with 1% reporting

Note: We’ll be dividing coverage into a few threads and moving them to the top as news warrants.

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