Electoral Count

Obama: 338

McCain: 156

Popular Vote
47% McCain
52% Obama

President Elect Obama!
West coast states finish the job. It’s party time!

1:24 am North Carolina, Indiana and Montana with small Obama leads; Missouri small lead for McCain.
11:37 Nevada goes to Obama.
11:16 Florida called for Obama.

Watching MSNBC: Listening to Congressman Lewis, as we watch the tears flowing down the face of Jesse Jackson.

David Gergen reads from MLK speech,

I’ve been to the mountain and looked over to the other side, and I’ve seen the promised land. I may not get there with you, but I can tell you that we as a people will get to the promised land.

Well done, America.


10:58: CNN now calls Virginia for Obama.

CNN doing its beam-me-up hologram thing again, with Will.I.Am. almost resolved. In the old days, we had a clear picture of him in the flesh. Now he’s this fuzzy collection of not-quite resolved atoms. Progress!

10:44 Virginia? Could it be? Fox says Obama wins Virginia; CNN not yet.

Bill Bennett worries that Obama may not know he’ll be the President of all the people, not just the lefties who elected him. Gosh, if only Obama had run a campaign to unite the country, instead of pandering only to the "not-real America" and pro-terrorist sympathizers. Where’s the automatic ejection button!!

10:24 update: North Carolina: 50% Mc, 50% Obama

Mississippi goes to McCain.

10:21: McCain takes Texas.
CNN explaining that Obama is winning high percentage of Latinos; Bush carried may in 2000/2004, but now they hate Bush. And those who disapprove of Bush went strongly for Obama.

10:12 Updates: CNN calls Arkansas for McCain. More projections coming up. CNN just won the award for silliest pundit panel. Except for Carville, everyone else talking as if the Republicans just won and the Dems need to think who they are. Carville tries to pull his hair out, but, . . .

10:08 CNN punditry: Paul Begala saying new Dem majority being built on centrist Democrats. Castellanos happy to agree. Guess we should abolish the progressive income tax. Carville says he’s shocked the Republicans are trying to define Obama’s mandate, since Republicans are being hammered.


10:00 Iowa goes for Obama; McCain gets Utah and Kansas.

9:59 updates: Four more states closing soon, Utah, Nevada, Montana and Iowa. Stay tuned.

David Gergen noting that Chicago was site of 1968 Dem. Convention, when the world fell apart. Now it will be the seen of a huge victory party. Our Siun is there, probably partying.

9:48 New Mexico called for Obama. Louisiana to McCain.

9:30 updates: CNN and MSNBC call OHIO FOR OBAMA!!

Virginiia: 50% Mc to 49% O with 70% in.
N.Carolina: 48% Mc to 51% O
Florida: 48% Mc 51% O with 55% in
Ohio: 44% Mc, 55% O, with 15% reporting

9:14 McCain keeps Georgia

Florida: 48% Mc, 52% Obama, with 27% in

9:06 comment of the night: From Mr. Morals: "Some Bradley effect!"

McCain wins Arkansas.

9:03: Charlie can’t make the party. A snub?
FL Gov. Charlie Crist, "who had plans to attend" the John McCain camp gathering in St. Petersburg this p.m., "won’t attend after all." Pinellas Co. GOP Chair Tony DiMatteo "said Crist was called back to Tallahassee over ‘legal issues’ of some sort" (March, Tampa Tribune).


9:00 Obama wins Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota; McCain wins Dick’s Wyoming.

8:58: Alabama goes South

Overheard in the corridors: "I’m probably breaking a rule here, but why the heck does MSNBC have nothing but Republican felons on as commentators? Ken Blackwell, Tom DeLay…"

8:50 update: Call the Supremes!!!


FOX’s Carl Cameron reports McCain’s camp has "filed a formal objection" to the nets calling PA for Obama. Shepard Smith: "Does this mean we are pulling the projection for Sen. Obama? We are not."

8:39: Pennsylvania goes to Obama.

Florida: 48% Mc, 52% O
N. Carolina: 46% Mc, 54% O

8:33 update: Big prize is Pennsylvania. We’re hearing there may be earth shaking news there soon. Stand by.

8:30 update: Obama wins New Hampshire!!

And this is rich: via Swampland, McCain Rovian loser Steve Schmidt blames everything and everyone but himself and his candidate.

8:23 update: Popular vote:

8:20 update:
Florida 47% to 53% Obama, with 15% in
N. Carolina 41% Mc, 58% O, with 5% in
Va. 56% Mc, 43% O
New Hamshire: 39% Mc, 60% O

8:13 updates:
Ohio: 31% Mc, 68% Obama!! Very early numbers.
W. Va. 43% Mc, to 57% O, also very early, less than 1% reporting.
N. Carolina: 40% Mc, 59% Obama. 4% reporting.



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