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McCain Concession Speech


By twolf1

Very gracious speech overall. Took the responsibility for the loss on himself. Shut down people who booed Obama. Seriously, this actually makes me sad. This is the man I thought he was, that he proved himself not to be under fire.

Thanks Arizona. Screams of USA, USA, USA.

Americans gave him a fair hearing. Again, very gracious. But the crowd is booing. He shuts them down. Seriously, where was this man during the election?

Big cheers for Palin. Most reaction other than when he took responsibility.

Takes responsibility for the failure, his crowd won’t accept it. As usual in cases like this, if McCain had acted and talked like this during the election, he would have done much better.

Being very gracious.

A great thing for African Americans.

Obama is a good man. His grandmother must be proud.

Urging Americans to support Obama.

Doing the "we’re all Americans" thing.

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Ian Welsh

Ian Welsh

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