Every House seat is up for re election. Between the wall to wall teevee coverage and all the liveblogging going on, I thought it best to make a list of those races that have, um, caught my interest . . .maybe yours as well.

Some straight talk my friends . . . most of these are cases where the Incumbent has not only pissed me off, but is representative of all that we have fought for 8 long ass years. Some are listed because they are indicative of a sea change in a once held Republic district or State (TX -07, CA-46), and some just ’cause we love the challenger (WA-19 Go Darcy !)

There is a Race Tracker link embedded in each District’s header – it gives a map, recent voting history of the District, Candidate Websites, and in some cases there are links to local blogs.

I have included links to each state’s Secretary of State – Election Results page as that is where most media outlets will be getting their numbers (note: some of these pages wont be accessible until after the polls close)

I will post results for each of these races as they are made available.

note: I have used Daily Kos for "polling" unless otherwise noted

Finally, I dedicate this post to the spirits of Quaker Girl, Marie Roget, and our Barbara’s beloved David. In their final hours, each of them selflessly thought and acted on our behalf – may they all know Heaven’s joy


Don Young (R – Incumbent)

Ethan Berkowitz (D – Challenger)

Abramoff tainted Young is under investigation in the VECO matter. Due to his long tenure in the House and that of Senator Ted Stevens, Alaska is considered to have clout in national politics far beyond its small population. Berkowitz is the former State House Minority Leader. September polling shows Berkowitz up by double digits

Alaska Election Results Here


Dan Lungren (R – Incumbent

Bill Durston (D – Challenger)

Lungren is the insufferable, arrogant Southern California carpetbagger currently representing my hometown. Polling has closed within the last month to "toss up".


Dana Rohrbacher (R – Incumbent)

Debbie Cook (D – Challenger)

Rohrbacher has noted he may lose to former Huntington Beach mayor Debbie Cook. Polling has this once solid Republic district in a dead heat.


Darrell Issa (R – Incumbent)

Bob Hamilton (D- Challenger

Issa, ’nuff said. no current polling available.


Brian Bilbray (R – Incumbent)

Nick Liebham (D – Challenger)

Longtime Republic stronghold. Questional voting machine practices in 06. Can Liebham ride the big blue wave ? Polling shows Liebham within 2.

California Election Results Here


Marilyn Musgrave (R – Incumbent)

Betsy Markey (D – Challenger)

NRCC pulled all their money out of the state two weeks ago. Markey has led in the last three rounds of polling

Colorado Election Results Here


Chris Shays (R – Incumbent)

Jim Himes (D – Challenger)

polling has this dead even. Cook has switched his call from "leans Republic" to "toss up"

Connecticut Election Results Here


Ric Keller (R – Incumbent)

Alan Grayson (D – Challenger)

Blue America’s Grayson outpolling wanker boy. As with so many Florida races, this is another where Republics face eroding Latino support – all thanks to the Tancredo-Sensenbrenner 06 HateFest.


Adam Putnam (R – Incumbent)

Doug Tudor (D – Challenger

Navy Vet Tudor currently up by 5 pts in his campaign to unseat 3rd Ranked Republic House Shill (shudder), dear gawd send his punk ass packing


Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R – Challenger)

Annette Taddeo (D – Challenger)

Another great Blue America candidate Taddeo "closing rapidly" in the final weeks. Ileana so spooked by dfh efforts felt compelled to declare "No Bush Rubber Stamp!!! in a campaign mailer. Get ‘er Annette !!!


Lincoln Diaz Ballart (R – Incumbent)

Raul Martinez (D – Challenger)

Dead polling heat, but early voting indicates strong Dem favorables. This is the race where a mysterious stranger showed up to gather Absentee Ballots from unwitting Floridians….hmmmm


Mario Diaz-Ballart (R – Incumbent)

Joe Garcia (D – Challenger)

Statistical dead heat. The Ballarts and Ros-Lehtinen were long considered safe seats with influential Cuban American voting blocs – well except now Not So Much

Florida Election Results Here


Jack Kingston (R – Incumbent)

Bill Gillespie (D – Challenger)

WATB Extraordinaire Kingston is currently pegged at 50%, BUT, early voting results have him down double digits. Gillespie is another of our Fighting Dems 2008


Lynn Westmoreland (R – Incumbent)

Stephen Camp (D – Challenger)

this is the racist pig who called Obama "uppity". Race started with a R+15, but that was before the Crash. Would love to find some current polling on this one

Georgia Election Results Here


Ashwin Madia (D – Challenger)

Eric Paulsen (R – Challenger)

Iraq Vet Madia up by 5 pts in DCCC commissioned poll last week. NRCC pulled all cash from state when Nutjob Bachman opened her pie hole on Tweety – wanna watch this one along with the 6th just to see what happens when they cut ‘n run


Michelle Bachman (R – Incumbent)

El Tinklenberg (D – Challenger)

Hoping that $1 Million + in dfh dollars to Tinklenberg will allow Best Dem Fundraiser Evah! to spend more time with her family.

aw crap: Bachman up by 1 in Monday Night Poll

Minnesota Election Results Here


Jon Porter (R – Incumbent)

Dina Titus (D – Challenger)

this one caught my attention late. Titus is polling 5 pts up in this once red district. thought it might be a good one in which to gauge the big blue wave

Nevada Election Results Here


Robin Hayes (R – Incumbent)

Larry Kissell (D – Challenger)

Robin "Liberals Hate America!" Hayes was already down 5 pts (MyDD) when he opened his yap a la Bachman – currently down by 11. Go Larry Go !


Patrick McHenry (R – Incumbent)

Daniel Johnson (D – Challenger)

Uber-puke McHenry is up by double digits in this most conservative of NC districts. Johnson, a double amputee Navy Vet has done better than anyone against McHenry. I listed it here as there’s always the slight chance of a miracle, sigh

North Carolina Election Results Here


Jean Schmidt (R – Incumbent)

Vic Wulsin (D – Challenger)

Doc Vic is a FDL Favorite, who came close in 06. Polling looks muddled – at best currently a dead heat would appreciate any help the Ohio Firedogs can provide

Ohio Election Results Here


Marsha Blackburn (R – Incumbent)

Randy Morris (D – Challenger)

another odious Bushbot in the Bachman, Musgrave, Palin vein. Her hometown paper The Tennessean endorsed Morris. Can not find any recent polling, although there is anecdotal reportage everywhere to indicate a Blackburn loss

Tennessee Election Results Here


John Culberson (R – Incumbent)

Michael Skelly (D – Challenger)

Culberson was God’s Own Conservative and up until a few weeks ago was expected to retain his seat. Cook has recently moved this race to "leans Republican" carrumba!


Nick Lampson (D – Incumbent)

Pete Olson (R – Challenger)

DeLay’s old seat. Republics have had 2 years to recover and field a credible candidate. Polling shows it close for Lampson. A Dem win portends a much bluer Texas in the future.


John Carter (R – Incumbent)

Brian Ruiz (D – Challenger)

This is my home. TRMPAC Monkeyboy Carter has a huge cash and visibility edge – thanks DCCC, really, ya shouldn’t have. However, Ruiz outpolled him 2 to 1 in our Primary. And this once scarlet red county is full of folks sayin’ they are voting Dem for their first time ever. Let Us Pray

Texas Election Results Here


Virgil Goode (R – Incumbent)

Tom Perriello (D – Challenger)

ok, firedogs, I simply hate Goode. Made a total publicly intolerant ass out of himself over Congressman Ellison’s Q’uaran. Closely identified with Bush enough to send his re election chances in to the "toss up" column.

Virginia Election Results Here


Dave Reichert (R – Incumbent)

Darcy Burner (D – Challenger)

a dfh favorite, Burner in one of the tightest, and most watched races in the country. Up by 5 a week ago.

Washington Election Results Here

Polling Updates in the comments would be welcomed.

Who will you be watching ???



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