Update (6:14) State Results:

Fl 52-44, Ga47-51, Mi 60-39, Mh 57-43, Mn 60-39, Pa 57-42, Va 55-45, Wi 58 42, Oh 54-45, Nc 52-48, In 52-48, Mo 52-48, Nv 55-45, Nm 56-43

Fox’s exit poll results are out. As everyone’s noting the primary concern is the economy, but what I found more interesting were these results:

67% are worried about being able to afford health care

70% predict their taxes will go up under Obama

61% expect their taxes will go up if McCain wins

49% expect taxes will go up no matter who wins

American’s aren’t quite as unrealistic as politicians think. They know a lot of spending has occured, and they know taxes will probably have to go up as a result. And there appears to be enough worry about affordable health care that universal health care should absolutely be on the table after the election.

Update (6:11 EST): HuffPo has detailed State exit polls here.

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Ian Welsh

Ian Welsh

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