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Eastern House Races

map.thumbnail.jpgIf you’re looking for updates on House races east of the Rockies, this is the place to be. Grab the beverage of your choice and follow along! If you’re following Blue America candidates, check out Peterr’s post.

11:06 ET –– In TX-22, Tom DeLay’s old seat, incumbent Blue Dog Dem Nick Lampson is losing to his Republican challenger. However, in VA-02, Democrat Glenn Nye is besting GOP incumbent Thelma Drake.

12:03 ET — It looks like Michele Bachmann gets to keep her MN-06 seat, alas. But Kathy Dahlkemper beat Phil English in PA-03!

12:01 ET — CBS now says the Dems have made a net gain of nine (9) House seats.

11:57 ET — Blue America Democrat Eric Massa’s going to probably take Randy Kuhl’s NY-29 seat, another Dem pickup.

11:51 ET — Arrgh. Mean Jean Schmidt gets to keep OH-02, though Blue America Dem candidate Victoria Wulsin put up a stiff fight.

11:48 ET — Wisconsin Democrat David Obey easily turns back a GOP challenger for his WI-07 seat.

11:41 ET — Democrats pick up NJ-03 as John Adler wins a close one.

11:36 ET — LA-06 incumbent Dem Don Cazayoux lost to GOP challenger Bill Cassidy. Not surprising, unfortunately.

11:31 ET — Blue America Dem Tom Perriello is neck-and-neck with Republican incumbent Virgil Goode in VA-05.

11:28 ET –– CBS saying that the Dems have increased their House presence by a net gain of seven seats so far.

11:26 ET — The Bachmann-Tinklenberg race is still too close to call! Considering that MN-06 was custom-tailored to be a GOP congresscritter factory, this is astonishing.

11:21 ET — No surprise here: Nancy Pelosi is re-elected to CA-08.

11:19 ET — Oooh, Joe Garcia is making Castro obsessive Mario Diaz-Balart sweat for his FL-25 seat. No longer will catering to reactionary terrorist lovers be an automatic key for victory here.

11:14 ET – With over half the precincts in, Dem challenger Betsy Markey still has a commanding lead over dingbat Republican incumbent Marilyn Musgrave in CO-04.

11:08 ET — StarTribune says Jim Oberstar (D-MN) gets to keep MN-08. No surprise there. Bachmann-Tinklenberg still too close to call.

11:05 ET — And in other news, a skinny kid with a funny name is now PRESIDENT-ELECT BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA II. Eat that, racist dipwads!

11:02 ET — Blue America Democrat Larry Joe Doherty fails in his bid to take TX-10 from GOP incumbent Michael McCaul.

10:59 ET — Retiring GOPer Tom Reynolds’ NY-26 seat is probably going to stay in Republican hands, as GOP candidate Christopher Lee (cool name!) is leading Democratic candidate Alice Kryzan.

10:53 ET Parker Griffith looks to be winning retiring Blue Dog Dem Bud Cramer’s AL-05 seat. Ann Kirkpatrick will probably do the same for AZ-01 taking Rick Renzi’s seat from GOP defender Sydney Ann Hay.

10:45 ET — Blue Dog Dem Collin Peterson keeps MN-07; Bachmann-Tink and the other races still up for grabs, with the probable exception of MN-02 incumbent Republican John Kline’s, which looks like an easy win for him over Steve Sarvi.

10:39 ET — Bad news: Sam Bennett apparently fails to take Republican Charlie Dent’s seat in PA-15. Good news: Blue America Dem Eric Maffei wins the open NY-25 seat from running away retiring GOP incumbent Jim Walsh and his GOP replacement Dale Sweetland!

10:35 ET – Blue America Dem Larry Kissell just took NC-08 from Republican incumbent and known jerkface Robin Hayes!!

10:33 ET — Whoohoo! Blue America Democrat Jared Polis is now the first openly gay man to be elected to a freshman House seat, in CO-02!

10:29 ET — Dang! Looks like Blue America guy Dennis Shulman is losing to incumbent Republican Scott Garrett in NJ-05.

10:22 ETDebbie Halvorson just took retiring GOP incumbent Jerry Weller’s IL-11 seat, defeating Marty Ozinga.

10:19 ET – MSNBC says Jack Murtha, the guy the GOP/Media Complex tried to punish for being the first Iraq war backer to do a 180, has kept his PA-12 seat.

10:15 ET — Dems have a net gain of 5 in the House so far.

10:12 ET — Tim Walz keeps his MN-01 seat, easily fending off Clown Car driver Brian Davis.

10:04 ET — Speaking of Blue America Democrats, Gary Peters could be knocking off GOP incumbent Joe Knollenberg in MI-9. Fingers crossed! (Yes, this is the race Jack Kevorkian’s running in as a third-party guy.)

10:00 ETJim Himes just took out Chris Shays in CT-04! Shays has conceded! (And as Peterr notes, he’s a Blue America Democrat!)

9:55 ET — The Minnesota results are starting to come in! StarTribune has Betty McCollum (D-MN-04) winningback her seat with ease. Same goes for Keith Ellison (D-MN-05). The Bachmann-Tinklenberg slugfest is too close yet.

9:50 ET — Blue America Dem incumbent Jerrold Nadler cruised to victory in NY-08. Fellow Blue American Carol Shea-Porter kept her NH-01 seat, and Blue American Paul Hodes did the same in NH-02.

9:44 ET –Bobby Bright’s beating Jay Love to replace retiring GOPer Terry Everett in AL-02. That seat hasn’t seen a Republican since 1964.

9:38 ET — A bit early yet but Marilyn Musgrave might be out in CO-4.

9:22 PM — WTF? CNN just called both ND and SD’s House seats for the Democrats — both incumbents. That is very good news! Earl Pomeroy in ND was fairly safe, but I was worried about Stephanie Herseth in SD.

9:17 ET — Blue America Dem John Hall wins NY-19!

9:14 ET — Hooray! Blue America Dem Steve Cohen wins TN-09!

9:11 ET — Another Dem pickup: Michael McMahon beat Robert Straniere for Vito the Horndog Fossella’s old NY-13 seat.

9:05 ET — One person who probably won’t win a House seat tonight: Michigan’s own Dr. Jack Kervorkian, running in the 9th district.

8:57 ET — As expected, Mahoney the Republican-turned-Dem-turned-horndog lost his Florida seat, per CBS. Dems still up by two for the night. Meanwhile, Dems Joe Sestak in PA and Yarmuth in KY kept their seats.

8:40 ET — CBS calls most of the rest of the FL races. (h/t Peterr) Aside from Grayson, who we already know about, most went to incumbents. The following are still too close to call:

16 – Mahoney (D)* and Rooney (R)
21 – Martinez (D) and Lincoln Diaz-Balart (R)*
25 – Garcia (D) and Mario Diaz-Balart (R)*

* – incumbent

I’ll be very surprised if Mahoney wins. I’ll be over the moon if Martinez and Garcia win.

8:09 ET — Aha! Tom Feeney (R-FL) goes down! Back in 2000, when he was in the Florida legislature, he was one of the guys who helped steal it for Bush. Glad to see him lose to Suzanne Kosmas. Even better: Alan Grayson — a Blue America Democrat — defeated incumbent Republican Ric Keller, picking up his House seat. House Dems have a total gainage of three so far .

8:00 ET –It looks like Democrat Gerald Connolly will beat Republican Keith Fimian for the Congressional seat of retiring Republican Tom Davis in Virginia’s 11th CD. That’s the first pickup of the night for either the Dems or Reps.

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