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Voter Fraud Charges Collapse

With about a day to go before America has a new President, ACORN is making substantial progress at beating back the attacks by Senator McCain and the GOP. There were significant setbacks for the GOP in New Mexico and Pennsylvania, as cries of “voter fraud” appeared to be more like cries of “wolf.”

 New Mexico was the GOP's most-likely chance to prove that voter fraud exists, but it backfired as even RNC General Counsel Sean Cairncross concedes that he can’t identify a single case of improper votes that have been cast as a result of the type of voter registration fraud the GOP is alleging. State GOP interests accused 28 voters of having voting fraudulently in the June 8th NM primary, releasing the names of 10 voters to the media. ACORN contacted these voters, and verified with the  Bernalillo County Board of Elections that they were valid voters.  In response, Pat Rogers, an Albuquerque GOP attorney, involved in pushing David Iglesias to investigate ACORN in 2006 (one of the causes of US Attorneygate), hired private investigator Al Romero to visit and intimidate said voters. Two suits, one state, one federal were filed against these actions. The GOP tried to prove voter fraud but instead smeared themselves, as they intimidated Hispanic and African-Americans who were alive, well, and valid voters. Oops. Now, they are the target of a lawsuit.

  Last week in Pennsylvania, the state GOP accused ACORN of voter fraud and the sued ACORN and the PA Secretary of State. This same lawsuit also asked that ACORN be required to turn the lists of newly registered voters over to the GOP (in order to challenge those voters at the polls and force them to vote with provisional ballots) and that ACORN be barred from contacting anyone on that list, including to remind them to vote or to bring ID to the polls. On Thursday, a state judge ruled against the GOP, citing the fact that they “failed to persuade the Court.”  Sounds like the GOP is losing at their own game.
 This proves what we (and our allies) have been saying all along—that voter fraud is not a threat and that it does not really even exist. It's a scare tactic being used by conservative media like FOX News to set the stage for claiming Obama and ACORN “stole the election.”

Today, there is an article titled Government on High Alert for Voter Fraud on, but when you read the article, there is no mention of voter fraud at all until the very last line. It mentions Madison County, Indiana (but it's actually Madison County, MO) has had voter fraud in the past, but gives no documentation about what happened or when. Sounds a lot like New Mexico to us. In coming days, we can expect a lot more of that where this came from.

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