Straight Outta Baghdad

Fred Kagan had a curious op-ed in the Wall Street Journal this weekend expressing contempt for the idea that American voters should decide their presidents based on their economic hardships instead of their fantasies of bloodshed and conquest.

As the scale of the economic crisis becomes clear and comparisons to the Great Depression of the 1930s are tossed around, there is a very real danger that America could succumb to the feeling that we no longer have the luxury of worrying about distant lands, now that we are confronted with a "real" problem that actually affects the lives of all Americans. As we consider whether various bailout plans help Main Street as well as Wall Street, the subtext is that both are much more important to Americans than Haifa Street.

You gotta love the scarequotes around "real," especially given the unreality of anyone who’s argued that the choice in this election is between internationalism and isolationism. And if you don’t get the reference to "Haifa Street," it’s a once-bloody street in Baghdad that the surge pacified. You see, Fred Kagan knows the streets of Baghdad. In many ways, they’re the streets that shaped him — you might call him a beast in those streets. His heart is built for the code of Haifa Street, while others’ pump Kool-Aid.

How deeply does Fred Kagan represent the streets of Baghdad? So deep that he dropped a little-known freestyle over the beat to "Straight Outta Compton." Not many people know about that freestyle, but it’s 100 percent Hot Fire, and Attackerman recently got ahold of it and uploaded it to YouTube. Prepare yourself.

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Spencer Ackerman

Spencer Ackerman