Kids these days…

I’m just pulling this up from the comments below and not just because I’m an awesome dad.

Which I am by the way, but you already knew that…

From the L&T Casey:

LAndTCasey November 3rd, 2008 at 6:09 pm 95

Awesome post dad…. As a college student in Hawaii, I have come to realize the huge impact he has had on this state just by being from here and also the fact that he is African-American. My entire campus has been buzzing for the past three weeks about this election and we even had an all- campus poll about who is voting for whom, which Obama won by a landslide. Although, I do have a few friends who will be voting or already have voted for McCain, most of them have admitted that it would be an amazing opportunity for this country to have a man like Obama running our country. He does have a lot of work to do, but he really is the man for the job. This is my first election and I voted weeks ago and it was honestly one of the most amazing things I have ever done. I was and am extremely proud to have contributed to this historic event.

Great kid.

I’m even gonna give her a pass on the beer bottle which she is obviously holding for a friend.

One more thing: the fact that more people are voting than our system can handle is a problem I would like to have every election.

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