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Isn’t it a crime to claim you haven’t been convicted when you have?

OK, I am not a lawyer and I can find no reference, I am only assuming but I cannot believe it is not a crime to state in public that you haven’t been convicted when you have.

Even if there is no specific crime I would think it is at the very least contempt of court.

If this is a crime then Stevens needs to get his butt hauled before a judge, this man is a lawyer and understands that an appeal is a process that does not change the fact that you have been convicted.

I would like the judge in the case to get this guy back before the bench to explain why he is not in contempt of court or whatever crime applies


bmaz tells me stevens is actually right;

Stevens is within the law. A finding of guilt by a jury is not entered as a formal conviction until the time of sentencing.

that’s one fine tooth comb, my bubble is burst

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