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Chris Rock: “They Lie About Barack, He Did Not Hide OJ’s Bloody Clothes!”

Sunday Chris Rock spoke at an Obama rally in Tampa and encouraged people to get out and vote for Barack Obama. He joked about trick or treating with his kids on Halloween:

We tried to get to all of John McCain’s houses…There was way too many houses…McCain was on MTV’s Cribs 15 times. This is not the guy you want to be president.

And he disspelled some of rightwing lies about Barack Obama:

Barack did not break up the Beatles…he did not hide OJ’s bloody clothes.

 But the real meat was McCain’s financial disconnect from everyday Americans:

You need a president who can at east see broke. He doesn’t have to be broke, but at least if he sees broke he’ll try for other people to not be broke.  McCain cannot see broke…McCain probably had financial problems too, but we can’t all do what he did. We can’t all dump our first wife, marry a rich one and have all our bills paid. The country can’t do that…We need a president we can related to and can relate to us.


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Lisa Derrick

Lisa Derrick

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