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2008 Election Resource Guide

Find your polling place here

Find your polling hours here
Swing State Project map for poll closing hours here

State-by-state Departments of State for Voting Rights and Information here or from the ACLU
Download state-by-state voter bill of rights fliers here

Report your voting experiences at My Fair Election
If you have any problems voting, FIGHT BACK, and please report them here at the Voter Suppression Wiki or Election Protection Wiki and NPR

Time off to vote for employees? A State by State Survey

Find your weather report from the National Weather Service here

Starbucks is offering free coffee, and Krispy Kreme is offering free donuts on election day.

Jon Pincus has a slew of links and tips for voters on his latest Wiki Suppression diary, Action alert: final preparations, including a packing list and activities to do while waiting in line, an invaluable resource for those of us without early voting.

League of Women Voters info at Smart Voter

Follow Races that matter to you at CNN

And as you all know, is the place to go for voter polls. It’s a wealth of information.

For those looking looking to help, or even looking for help, GOTV volunteers needed.

Into social media?
"Current Diggs the Election" coverage with streaming headlines, facts, information, and commentary from Digg and Twitter. Starts Election Day at 7 pm et. link
Like to tweet? Twitter has the Twitter Vote Report

Add you favorite links in the comments and I’ll add them in up here.

and VOTE!

from Margot’s Ain’t no line too damn long

*Added from comments*

Jon Pincus: The Election Protection Wiki’s Resources page has some additional links, including multi-lingual information, multiple hotline numbers, and information for students and people with disabilities.

SunnyNobility: Nate Silver writing at Newsweek – What to Watch For on Election Night – a hour-by-hour guide to election night.

Guide for watching tonight’s returns.

Election Day Cherry Pie

Free scoop of ice cream from Ben & Jerry’s

I Voted button from cpualexd

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