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Be The Change and End This Eight Year Nightmare!

On the evening of the Presidential election in 2000 I was sitting in the Casa Nueva in Athens Ohio watching the Presidential returns with a large group of Democrats. When I left the Casa it looked as if former Senator Al Gore would be our next President. I went to bed around 12:30 a.m with the radio alarm set to go off at 4:oo a.m. I woke up to the song "The Yellow Rose of Texas" blaring from the radio, I knew it had to be a nightmare. The nightmare has lasted eight long years!

Short review of the last eight years. A 2000 Supreme Court Judicial Coup that selected our Pres, Energy Task Force headed by Cheney, (many believe these are the meetings where discussion of how to access the oil in Iraq) early warnings of potential terrorist attacks ignored by the Bush administration, 9/11, false WMD intelligence systematically fed to the American public, International Atomic Energy head El Baradei tells the world the Niger Document is a forgery, illegal invasion of Iraq, too few troops sent in many lacking preparation and appropriate equipment. Soldiers allow the looting of Iraq’s historical treasures while protecting the oil industry, Iraq army disbanded, continuous denial of of the actual conditions in Iraq, torture, indefinite detentions at Abu Grarib, Guantanamo and other secret prisons, end to Habeas Corpus. 4300(and counting) American soldiers killed, tens of thousands injured, over one million Iraqi people are dead, and there are 5 million Iraq refugees. The outing of CIA Valerie Plame Wilson, politicization of the Dept of Justice by Rove and Gonzales. No bid contracts for Halliburton, Blackwater and other contractors. Crimes committed against the people of Iraq with little to no ACCOUNTABILITY. NSA wiretapping program, tax cuts for the wealthy, record breaking oil profits, slow response to Katrina, Abramoff, K Street lobbyist abuse, voter suppression, efforts to block the 9/11 commission, failure to implement the 9/11 recommendations, signing statements, attempts to privatize social security, backing the bombing of Lebanon, repetition of unsubstantiated claims about Iran. Inside U.S. Treasury heist that over the last three weeks has been called the "bailout…rescue…investment (they backed off this term fast)…recovery" plan. They have two months left and if they have their way Iran is next.

We know that Senator McCain has voted with the Bush administration 90% of the time and that Republicans have stood in the way of almost every effort by the Dems to hold the Bush administration accountable. .

Folks if you have allowed elections to pass you by without participating there is still time to help. Call your local Obama office, go to the Obama campaign website. Call, knock, sign up to be an observer, go to the video the vote website. There are 48 hours and much to be done. Let’s keep Pushing.

Our country and the rest of the world do not need four more years of disastrous policies.

Senator Obama has said "this election is about you"…. Come on out and Be the Change !

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