What a day.

 I was heading out the door at 11 to meet the bf for lunch. Well, I didn't make it to lunch. On my way out the door, I saw several of my neighbors slumped over a cat in my parking lot. Asking me if they knew who he belonged to, I said no. I walked over and my new buddy had me at hello.

 I found an animal hospital nearby open and whisked him away. I really thought he would have to be put down. After a quick exam, they told me he would be okay. He is a neutered male, a little over a year old. The vet told me that there were some wounds on his paws that had become infected; she needed to sedate him in order to find out what was going on, as he was becoming a little frustrated with them (understandably) when they tried to examine his paws. This gave me a much needed break to run to Target to pick up pet supplies.

Back at the animal hospital, I found out that my new feline friend had been put through a ringer. Somehow, many of his claws were ripped out. I don't want to imagine how that happened, so I'll move on from there. He came home with me, got out of his box, ate a little, and drank some water. The vet gave me two meds for him to take – meloxicam for pain and clavamox for the infection.

 Around 7:15, he got his first dose of both meds. About fifteen minutes later, he went into a very violent seizure that lasted about a minute and a half. In tears, I called the animal hospital for some advice; it could be a variety of things: stress, pain, medicinal reaction, anything.

He laid still on the living room floor for a bit. I feared his next breath would be his last, but he is snoozing comfortably now. I just do not know what to do at all. This has indeed been quite a day. Any tips from those of you well-versed in animal care would be greatly appreciated.

PS: He's going to need a name.




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