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Where are You Going to Be Election Night?

Hi All –

Those of you who are in the NYC area on the evening of November 4th – please feel free to join Blender n8nyc and me at The Half King gastro-pub in West Chelsea (on 23rd St. between 10th and 11th Avenues).


I have reserved a “bar booth” and the place is pretty spacious – the bar runs the entire length of the place, lol. I know we are in a much better place poll-wise than four years ago, but during the 2004 elections, when I was living in Miami Beach, I had a house party to watch the results.

It got so depressing by the end of the night, I just can't go through the agita of listening to stories of how people couldn't vote, yadda yadda, sitting at a house party this year. Plus I would like to celebrate with a big crowd if “they” can't manage to steal the election!

So we are going to be amongst like-minded folk (fyi the entire dining area of this pub is plastered with FRAMED photos of Obama, Obama/Michele, Obama/Biden, etc. and has been for months).

The venue is dedicating the night to the event, and the sound system will be tuned on to the news so even if you are sitting away from a TV screen you can hear what is happening. 

Please feel free to email me via the PHB “tips” address at the upper left side of this site – let's have a drink for Obama!

I will be there just before 7 pm on…. 

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Julien Sharp

Julien Sharp