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Palin Probably Doesn’t Know Who the Prime Minister of Canada Is

A pair of comedians from Montreal, Canada placed a prank call to Sarah Palin. The ensuing conversation strongly suggests that Palin doesn’t know who the Prime Minister of Canada is. 

Palin thought she was talking to French president Nicholas Sarkosy. 

"Some people said in the last days, and I thought that was mean, that you weren’t experienced enough in foreign relations. That’s completely false That’s the thing I said to my great friend the Prime Minister of Canada, Stef Carse," the prankster said.

"Well, he’s doing fine too," Palin answered.

Stef Carse is a Quebec pop singer best known for his French-language cover of "Achy, Breaky Heart."

Palin has made much of the fact that her state abuts Canada and shares a "narrow maritime" border with Russia.

Faux Sarkozy asked if Palin met his good friend the "prime minister" of Quebec Mr. Richard Z. Sirois, seeing as she was "so next to him."

Had he been to any of her rallies?

Palin replied, "I haven’t seen him at one of the rallies."

For the record the province of Quebec is nowhere near Alaska and its chief executive is known in English as a premier, not a prime minister. Sirois is a Quebec radio personality and comedian.

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Lindsay Beyerstein

Lindsay Beyerstein